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Tianjin first to replace the smart water meter lead the...

Release time: 2015/9/12 14:13:33    

Water is the source of life. Whether the normal supply of tap water, water quality is clean is the issue of concern to the people. In the afternoon of January 27th, a house and House Service Advisory Committee, Tianjin city water group propaganda department minister Ann Li Rong on the issue of the replacement of the water meter to the residents concerned about the replacement of intelligent water meter problem.
An Lirong said: the replacement of smart meter work from 2001 began trial operation, from 2002 to 2004, the water group to use the time to complete the entire Tianjin city center city meter reading to the household, and gradually replace the new water meter. Now part of the zone of peace does not have independent measurement capability of the old house, and the last concession to do not have independent measurement capability of the houses, and some of the houses facing demolition, the area is yet to be implemented to replace the new water meter, the next step, tap water group ready to in these places to carry out the replacement tap a work of a table. "
An Lirong also said that Tianjin is the largest city in the first transformation of a table of a table of cities, the transformation of the fastest, the number of the largest, the transformation of the highest quality. The new smart meter in the country is also the first, most of the other cities or the use of mechanical table. In addition, Tianjin also realizes remote water card purchase of water and other modern means of water, many have come from the city.

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