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Intelligent water meter reading to change

Release time: 2015/9/12 14:16:46    

Jiading Jiangqiao town residential district of Jiangqiao old village residents of the home for a smart meter. The new table has no change before the past, village had someone posing as the meter reading, home water cheat thing. So when the real meter reading meter reading, some residents are reluctant to open the door. Now new facelift of water meter, as long as the residents in the area near the water purchase payment, then the invoice provided a set of 8-digit password input meter can complete the purchase process water, and saves the link for meter reading. (Jiang Er Cun Qiao residents Yu Zhaodi: now installed in the table, you do not have the door, run out of water you going to buy a ticket, without buying a ticket, we will have no water. In addition, the installation of this meter is also beneficial to the water company, not only to avoid the residents in arrears of water, but also can save the cost of the company. (Shanghai water company chairman Wang Jianzhong: can be a significant reduction in the use of meter reading in number, according to the same scale waterworks, meter reading at least eight, but we now only three) at present, Jiangqiao town has more than 8000 households residents of the home installed on the code type intelligent water meter, per 500 yuan replacement cost all by Jiang town and Shanghai water company pay.

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