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Actively explore new initiatives to save

Release time: 2015/9/12 14:17:22    

At the beginning of the new year, Donghai County, Jiangsu Province, water-saving society pilot units in the building of Shiliu Town West eclogite of the village farmland, roads with a total length of 3 kilometers of cement U type irrigation canal built reachs. Town leaders told reporters, after the spring and East eclogite, Puxi, Liu Wang Three Village 7 km irrigation canal, but also to build water-saving and saving the U-shaped channel. By then, surrounding contiguous million acres of farmland will be fully realized water-saving irrigation, for generations by artificial mining traditional canal has since become the history. According to the county water conservancy and agricultural development department, the East China Sea has been built in the East China Sea in the past three or four years, U has been built, cement slope seepage control more than 300 kilometers, along with supporting facilities investment more than 20000000 yuan. This is also the start of the implementation of the 5 years of water conservation planning in Donghai County, a strong push forward the construction of a resource-saving society, to achieve annual savings of one hundred million cubic meters of agriculture and residents living water targets and take an important initiative.
The East China Sea, known as the "hundred base county" reputation, the territory has a large and medium-sized rivers 17, small and medium-sized reservoirs with 63 seats, which storage capacity of 5 billion cubic meters of Shilianghe reservoir is the largest artificial lake in Jiangsu. In the past, people have a weak awareness of water conservation, extensive use of water is more common. In recent years, with the environmental awareness, awareness of resources, conservation awareness and sustainable development of the concept of the formation and enhancement, the East China Sea has gradually realized that water is a resource is also a commodity, open source can not forget to save. County Water Conservancy and agricultural development division of science and guide people to change the traditional water habits, actively explore the conservation of water and water science and new initiatives. And the establishment of water-saving society construction pilot program, as well as to achieve one hundred million cubic meters of water in 2010 to implement the program, focusing on the East China Sea and water conservation focus, focus on strengthening the agricultural irrigation area of water-saving facilities and fine management.
In terms of water for agricultural production, the East China Sea gradually change the past gravity irrigation timing quantitative irrigation, flood irrigation flows for irrigation quantitative trickle, in different regions according to local conditions to take corresponding measures. In the water, the larger the dawn, Zhangwan rice Township accelerated promotion U-shaped canal and seepage preventing ditch, decrease along the water leakage and loss; and along the river continue to build more water site, reference upstream crossing the water. The canal embankments extraneous water and natural precipitation accumulation. In the mountains, cattle hump dry Township focus on the promotion of irrigation, irrigation, drip irrigation, micro irrigation and other water-saving measures. In Li Nian, Tao Lin Western Gang Ling township is vigorously promoting wells, accumulation of rainwater and groundwater. The entire agricultural irrigation, to the "five eleven" end of the year to achieve 73000000 cubic meters of water.
In industrial production and living water, unified installation water and water-saving facilities, implement the limited water and excess to redouble their policy of water resources fee. The new project must have water-saving planning, water-saving facilities and environmental assessment report, otherwise not to start construction. New 20000 square meters of residential water-saving appliances penetration rate must reach 100%, and the construction of two sewage treatment facilities. In the East China Sea to install water metering facilities 260 pieces, including water meter 116 block containing intelligent water meter 45 block, timer 144 blocks, non agriculture take users installation rate reached 100%. Residents living water consumption of up to 23000000 cubic meters. New year's Eve, Donghai County also launched a total investment of 154000000 yuan of sewage treatment plant tail water discharge project, in promoting the sewage treatment at the same time, increase the standard water recycling and recycling. With the gradual implementation of the measures, the East China Sea a year cumulative saving 1 million cubic meters, equivalent to a medium-sized reservoir storage capacity or the existing reservoir with a total capacity of more than one tenth.

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