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China advanced technology products exhibition...

Release time: 2015/9/12 14:17:45    

National Water Saving Office, water resources management center and the office of water resources in Tianjin Tianjin International Exhibition Center Co organized by the 2007 China water-saving advanced technology products exhibition, in order to further promote the development and application of water-saving technology products, improve the whole society's water-saving awareness, promote water-saving society construction.
The leadership of Hu Siyi, Vice Minister of Ministry of water resources, Tianjin City Vice Mayor Chen quality maple, the national development and Reform Commission relevant departments, relevant departments in Tianjin and the provinces of saving water office representative attended the opening ceremony and visited the exhibition.
This exhibition mainly covers the three major areas of industry, agriculture and urban water-saving technology and equipment, including micro irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, sewage treatment, water recycling, intelligent water meter, water-saving sanitary ware such as water-saving technology and equipment. According to the organizers, the exhibition aims to track the international advanced water-saving technology and equipment, and further close domestic and foreign water-saving equipment, high-tech research and development institutions, production enterprises and the link between the user, increase water-saving new technology, new equipment to promote the application. At the same time, the research results of the domestic and foreign advanced water-saving technology and equipment manufacturing enterprises and scientific research institutions are focused on the display and promotion, and strive to build a platform for the establishment of water-saving society to provide effective support and services.
The exhibition attracted more than a hundred water-saving technology products from all over the country, as well as Australia and other foreign manufacturers exhibitors. Exhibition will be held during the same period of water-saving science fair, to the public to popularize scientific knowledge of water-saving water, improve water conservation awareness.

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