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Problems needing attention in the maintenance of the...

Release time: 2015/9/12 14:19:05    

The general pressure gauge of the spring tube is a single ring "C" type spring tube, which is used to measure the pressure of liquid, gas and steam to the instrument. To provide a reliable basis for the operation personnel monitoring, controlling and adjusting the production with the pressure parameters, and to understand the change of the material in the production process, control the production process parameters, and ensure the product quality. Therefore, the pressure gauge indicates the right or not directly related to the enterprise's production safety and product quality.
The author is engaged in nearly a decade of metrological verification, purpose for the enterprise to solve the problem, saving the cost of service purposes, in the pressure of enterprises inspection table maintenance work, summed up the following tips:
Before the start of the test, first of all, to check the seized table pointer shaft should be positioned at the scale disc center hole, when the tapping watchcase pointer position does not change, to check for installation of the seized table. Secondly, the working medium is liquid, to check the standard table and the table two table of the same height, so as to avoid the liquid level caused by the difference of the. These two points must be noted before the verification work.
In the pressure gauge maintenance, the movement is the main object of work, it is the pressure gauge is the root cause of the error, the error is only to understand its working principle, can successfully solve the failure. The movement is composed of a central gear, gear sector, hairspring, showing the value of the adjusting screw and a connecting rod. The movement can change the linear displacement of the free end of the spring to the angular displacement, so that the small displacement of the spring tube is enlarged, so that the needle is obtained from the angle of proportional to the pressure.
In the verification process, the fault can be accurately judged by the law of the change of the value of the change. If the front of the check table, the pointer speed is not at the same time, it is non-linear error, because the size of the connecting rod angle and the size of the pointer on the scale is proportional to the angle between the connecting rod and the fan. The method of changing the angle between the connecting rod and the fan is divided into the rotating movement and the moving free end. If the speed of the front and the rear is large, it is the rotation movement, and the front and rear range is small or only the upper limit is exceeded. In the to be shown value transferred to the fast or the slow, showing the value of error becomes a linear error, by moving the show value adjustment screw to adjust. Before and after the use of the two alternative approach, more effective.
There will also be some common failures in the verification process:
First, the pointer does not move or very few mobile, there are several reasons: 1 check valve did not open. 2 check the top of the wire rod of rubber skin bowl damage or rupture of the spring tube caused a large number of oil spills. The center hole blocked 3 check connector gasket, the working medium to incoming pressure meter. 4 check the oil cup medium is too dirty, blocked the spring tube or the transmission channel. 5 pointer loose, the pointer to the end of the dial.
The two is slipping. Teeth may have rust, wear, dirt. Or the needle axis is tilted, the bending and the scale plate side friction.
Three is the pointer back down. Check oil or oil needle valve is not smooth in good sealing, may also be the spring tube cracks. These failures are common and easy to solve.
The four is the pointer does not return to zero, the return error and tapping displacement error. There is not enough disk spring tight or large, or loose pointer. The hairspring must adjust to moderate intensity, otherwise, the force is too large, on the deformation of the spring.

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