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What is the need to pay attention to the use of the...

Release time: 2015/9/12 14:21:55    

1 in the measurement of the time to pay attention to the choice of the measurement range, if the choice of the pressure meter range is too large, the error will be greater, so that the measurement accuracy of the pressure gauge will have a great impact. But if the pressure gauge is too small, it will appear over the pressure of the situation.
2 in order to facilitate the work of the staff to read the value of the table, the general pressure gauge of the dial is not too small. If the pressure gauge installed is relatively high, or the site is far from the measurement, it is best to choose a relatively large diameter of the pressure gauge.
3 if the pressure gauge is used, it is found that the measurement of the medium is corrosive, so it is best to measure the corrosive media related data, then choose a different component materials, see whether the measurement can achieve the desired measurement.
4 use the pressure gauge to pay attention to the daily maintenance, but also regularly check the pressure gauge, see its correlation performance is normal, and the best cleaning work, ensure the accuracy of the measurement accuracy.
All of the above are based on the problems encountered in the practical work of the students, and to provide a reference, such as a problem, please timely communication and correction.

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